Hi there. My name is Raymond Vagell. I am a primatologist and an animal behaviorist. Currently a PhD student at Texas State University in the Anthropology Department

I am on the Board of Trustees at Primarily Primates, a primate sanctuary in San Antonio, Texas.


My research projects are at Duke Lemur Center on ruffed lemurs color vision, cognition, enrichment and welfare.

Also, I love cats. A lot.

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2020 - PRESENT

Texas State University

PhD student in Applied Anthropology

Committee: Dr. Jill Pruetz (advisor)


Hunter College of The City University of New York

MA in Animal Behavior & Conservation (Psychology)

Committee: Dr. Andrea L. Baden (advisor) & Dr. James Gordon

Thesis: Does Genotype Correlate With Phenotype? Evaluating Ruffed Lemur (Varecia spp.) Color Vision Using Subject Mediated Automatic Remote Testing Apparatus (SMARTA)


Queens College of The City University of New York

BA in Anthropology

Adviser: Dr. Larissa Swedell 


LaGuardia Community College of The City University of New York

AA in Liberal Arts

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