Duke Lemur Center Research Assistants

PhD Research (TBD)

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SMARTA Color Vision Research
My research assistants helped with (but not restricted to) my ruffed lemur color vision cognitive research at Duke Lemur Center in Durham, North Carolina. They helped
 ran training and testing trials, take behavioral data, as well as code behavioral videos. Research ran from Monday to Friday, in the mornings. Applicants were both undergraduate and graduate students looking for experience in cognitive research or working with captive lemurs. Some helped with my other collaborative projects such as handedness research and welfare research. Thanks for making my research possible!


SMARTA Research Assistants

Stephanie Tepper, Isabel Avery, Abigail Johnson, Christina Del Carpio, David Betancourt, Delaney Davis, Janet Roberts, Cody Crenshaw, Chelsea Southworth, Adrienne Hewitt, Sierra Cleveland, Melaney Mayes, Brandon Mannarino, Miles Todzo, Nicole Crane, Samantha McClendon, Miranda Brauns, Kristen Moore, Tori Hanley, Maegha Lanka, Karen Jin, Maddie Schuster, Jensen Collins, Priyanka Joshi, Katie Williams, Jessica Cawley, Mackenzie Cross, Megan Sinclair, Lisa McCullough, Kyle Taylor, Sarah Milner, Logan Scroggins, Clara Brandon, Karla Valeria Castorena, and Zoey Kramer-Patterson.

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